Keeping busy

Kids have made a star wars Lego ship, a wooden train and the most of a pirate ship recently.  I’ve kept to my resolution to be less stingy with my art supplies and let them paint the train with multiple brushes.  It went over quite well.  I think my refusal to share (for so long) has made the brushes revered objects.  Both kids gingerly applied paint in delicate strokes and rinsed the color out completely.  Then they smoothed the bristles and dried the brushes like they were ancient birds bones about to break.

We also broke out the rubber stamp collection and made stamped blocks of play dough.  Keek has made lots of little sculptures and this time she made a calligraphy pen.  I really need to find a good drying clay recipe.  If you have one can you post it here?

Just finished, “The Gunslinger.”   First in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.  The first 80 or so pages are really boring but then things get moving and the rest of the book thunders past.  He’s got a lost boy, an ancient lonely wanton spirit, a desert to traverse,  a mountain to climb and phosphorescent zombies in an underground mine.  It’s a suck you in series starter though, and now I need to get book two!

Have had the keyboard out and the guitars too.  We are all playing something every day and the kids are learning nursery tunes on the keyboard.  Keek played the wedding march over and over and over.  She really likes it.  Fish plays the one key method… it’s got a teaching system that lights up the keys to show you where to play.  But on level one it doesn’t matter what key you touch it makes the right note.  Once fish had that nifty little trick figured out he became an over night success.  HA!  Did I mention Keek like to play the wedding march?

OK enough freezing type time for me!  I’m outta here!


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