Planting, 20/30 and “Lawn Boy”

Have figured out what plants to have in the garden this year.  I’m making a “Gardener’s Companion” booklet and I’ll post pics when I’m finished.  Today is the first round of planting.  Can you believe it?!

Fish eyes have dramatically improved.  The eye therapy really works.  He is sitting at 20/25 in one eye and 20/30 in the other.  We are all pleased with progress… especially him! He’s been playing outside a lot.  He’s taken an interest in cartography.  Must look for some good books on the subject.  When he’s in the house he’s building with Lego’s or K’nex or rearranging the books in his room.  He’s been interested in his “Daring Book For Boys” again.  I suppose that means it’s time to swap out the stored books and pack up the others.  Charles has been gifted some bookshelves.  Once we get them we won’t have to play the book shuffle anymore!  YEA!!!!

Keek has finished Warriers book 2 “Fire and Ice” by Erin Hunter.  She loved it!  She’s been playing outside since the weather has been agreeable.  The mud isn’t though!  Grr.  She’s finishing up a book called, “Lawn Boy” by Gary Paulsen.  “Its about a 12 year old boy who’s mowing lawns.  One client was Arnold the stock broker.  The lawn boy decided to invest his money but was to young so Arnold did it for him.  It turned out the Lawn Boy was sponsoring a fighter named Joey Pow.  I give it four out of five stars!”


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