Gardening by the moon

On my last super successful garden I planted by the moon.  People have been doing it for -ever- and it works!  So I thought I’d put the dates down here, to share and so I don’t loose them.  These are all CST, by the way, so if you are elsewhere you’ll have to make the appropriate changes.

I wonder how these dates would be for fishing?  Hmmm???

Jan **** From 8:00 AM on the 27th (Wed) to 10:48 pm on the 28th (Thurs)

Feb **** Tuesday the 23rd after 5:30 pm until 11:47 am on Thurs the 25th

March **** From Tues the 23rd at 1:17 am to Wed the 24th at 11:40 pm

April **** Mon the 19th at 6:40 am to Wed 21st at 9:08 am

May **** Sun the 16 at 12:47 pm to Tues the 18th at 3:36 pm

June **** Sat the 12th at 8:51 pm to Mon the 14th at 7:39 pm

July **** Sat 10th, 6:39 am to Mon 12th, 6:49 am. better after 7:00 pm on the 11th.

August**** Fri 6, 4:51 pm to Sat 7, 1:47 pm  During a waining moon, may prefer Sat 14 7:30pm to Tues 17 12:25 am, in Scorpio with a waxing moon.

Sept **** Both waining moons  Fri 3, 1:52 am to Sun 5, 3:32 am and again on Thurs the 30th at 8:47 am until …

Oct **** Waining … the 2nd (Sat) at 10:23 am and again Wed 27, 2:15 pm to Fri 29th, 2:49 pm

Nov **** Waining Tues 23rd 7:15pm to Thurs 25th 9:45 pm  Scorpio Fri 5, 1:17 am to Sat 6, 10:45 pm. After 3:52 am on the 6th so really all day on 6th

Dec **** Tues 21, 3:23 am to Thurs 23, 1:26 am between 3:23 am and 7:13 am on the 21 would be excellent.


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