Tofu for dinner.

No.  It’s not a joke although it sounds like the start of one.  😛

Keeker is back on the vegetarian train and she wanted to get some tofu at the store.  We’ve had it before and it was tolerated but not a big hit.  Keek wanted to try again and this time I was bound a determined!

Take one package extra firm tofu from the fridge and drain well.  Slice thinly, lengthwise.  Put swizzle of olive oil in pan.  Season oil with steak seasoning, Italian seasoning, pepper and chili powder.  Fry tofu slices over a medium flame until dark golden and crispy all around.  Serve with crispy steamed veggies.  Enjoy.

“Mmmmm, Mommy!  I love how crunchy it is!”  – Keeker

“Mom, you said we were eating tofu tonight.  Can I tell you something… this is not tofu, it’s delicious!”  – Fish

I love happy critics!


One Response to “Tofu for dinner.”

  1. Diane Roberson Says:

    Sounds delicious. I will try it.

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