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Shrunken Heads (continued)

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It didn’t work out like we had expected.  We had two that shrunk up and two that got all mushy.  lol.  We’ll try again as Halloween approaches.


Planting trees

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Planting trees with the kids is one of the most eco green good example activities I can do.  As homeschoolers the planting and keeping of the trees teaches many important lessons.  As inhabitants of Earth we can ease the load of our carbon footprint.  And in a couple years it will make our honeybees very happy!

Today I received my ten free flowering trees from the National Arbor Day foundation.  I am now an unofficial arborist!  Yay!  The family and I planted the trees in staggered groups of two around the north and west sides of the house.  They are so very tiny.  Only a foot tall from root tip to branch top.  I do hope they thrive.

It was a mixed lot including two Sargent Crabapples,

two Eastern Redbuds,

two Goldenraintrees, 

two White Flowering Dogwoods

and two Washington Hawthorns. 

In four years I’ll have a nice floral tree garden.  🙂

Victorian Themes

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I made these.  So frilly.  Usually not my style but this theme is so Victorian and classically romantic.  The key to my heart.  *sighs* 

Most Awesome Day

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Woke to four happy children and had waffles for breakfast.  Had a wonderful visit with dear friend Feebeeglee in her most awesome new house!!!  It was a double birthday party!  Met and got along famously with her cousin.  Kids went to the circus with dear old dad, cousins and Aunt Boo, too!  Which left me to my own devices so I enjoyed my music at full blast and am now enjoying the movie, “Julie and Julia” whilst surfing the net and blogging!  What a wonderful day!

PS. Love this song “Glass” by Bat for Lashes.  Why had I not heard this before?


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all of us have runny noses and scratchy throats…

Soccer is fun and all consuming.  Like a roller coaster ride into a black hole. Both kids love it like they have never loved another extra curricular activity. I get along alright with the other soccer moms (ew omg no!).  We bash public schools and communities for not valuing early education as much as college.  We complain that things (washers and dryers and tennis shoes) are not made as well as they used to be.  We dote on our children.  Talk about reducing our carbon footprints, curly light bulbs (cfl’s) and shopping MIO as opposed to cheapo China.  They talk about not having windows at work and how they miss the outside.  Then how they wish they had more time to do anything!  How they worry about what to do with preteens after school and before they get home. Why latch key is scary and after school programs are lacking.  I listen and become more grateful for our lifestyle.  Reason #1988 I’m glad I homeschool.

I am enjoying polyvore and the warmer weather.  Moved plants outside.  Hope it’s not too soon. Am painting the master bedroom.  A wall and floor stencil.  I’m not won over yet.  This weekend we have a soccer game, will watch the boys, have a SPRING! party, go to a much anticipated birthday party and the Medieval faire is in town.  Yes, all this weekend!  Must stock up on Espresso.

Needless to say I am busy.

Picture for Polyvore

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You can’t upload pics from Photobucket to Polyvore.  GRRR!!!  So I am uploading this image here to fw it to Polyvore for my Vampire set.

I took it on my front  porch then uploaded and changed the values slightly.  The edge of the snow storm (blizzard?) is what causes the light line in the sky.  Spooky.  🙂


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After only one practice Fish had his first scrimmage.  He and his team did well and had a blast.  Our Coach is great!  The other coach was yelling and screaming at his players, one of whom shared Fish’ name.  It was confusing at first but by the second quarter our Fish had blocked the screaming coach out.  I’ve uploaded some pics to FB.  I’m glad we’re participating in soccer.  I am concerned about the four out of seven days we’ve committed too.  How long is the season again?  😛

Keek had one night of practice but no scrimmage.  The team they were scheduled against canceled.  Poor Keek. 😦  She did enjoy seeing her cousins and cheering Fish!