Shrunken Head Project

Shrunken Heads. Big hits here after the Harry Potter shrunken bus driver head. Our shrunken heads were previously apples.  The photo below show two heads 24 hours after carving. They get delightfully hideous as days past.

We decided to wait on the lemon juice treatment until the coloring was natural. “Real” shriveled heads are not the same color as a juicy head after all!   When first carved they aren’t so gruesome.

After some time, as yet undecided, we’ll dunk them in lemon juice to halt the browning and insert cloves for eyes and cat gut (aka brown embroidery floss) sewn to the tops for hair.  All the sites I’ve checked say approx. two weeks drying time.  I’ll post pictures of the finished product then.

Read some history and pop history of the shrunken head, here.  Have fun but don’t lose your head!


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  1. This is awesome!

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