Juvenile Cedar Waxwing

Discovered an unknown bird in the yard.  It appears to have fallen and died.  Had a heck of a time trying to ID it at whatbird.com.  It was a juvenile so I kept clicking the smaller bird category.  And these guys are not supposed to be breeding in Oklahoma, they are supposed to nest far north of here.  Only whatbird has them nesting as close as Northern KS and NE.  But anyway, we finally found it’s true identity by Googling “yellow tipped tail feathers.” Once we were certain we listened to it’s song at birdjam.com

Here are some pictures of it’s beautiful tail feathers.  You can see in the two last photos how it’s plumage was changing to the adult colors but it hadn’t developed the red spots on the wings quite yet.  Poor birdie. 😦

You can find more information about Cedar Waxwings here:





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