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Accordian book

Posted in Art, bookmaking, books on May 31, 2010 by Pendant & Ring

Made this today.  It’s pocket sized, roughly 3″x4″, and could hold lots of cheat sheets … or whatever… 🙂

Made of patterened and colored scrapbooking cardstock. One tag sticker with hole pre-punched and yarn bow.

Four accordian packets affixed to the colored cardstock.

The accordian sections have six folds which show as thirteen sides and one side attached to the green.


planting… reading… cooking and stuff

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Planted some watermelons today.  We hope to have them in the dog days of summer, late September.  The tomato’s are growing but we haven’t any new blooms.  😦  One has turned orange! We have one pepper and no blooms there either.  The hail really slowed the garden.

Reading “Island in the sea of time” by SM Stirling.  Harsh… We’re 2/3 of the way done.  The story is great and all but some of the details are stomach churning.

Keek got “the vegetarian teen” by Dr. Charles A. Salter, a cookbook from the library. She really enjoys it and we’ve got a couple of recipes to try.  Keek is an ethical vegetarian and we have decided to purchase all meats from Native Roots Market.  So she’ll be eating meat again.  🙂

Crocheted a bag strap for one of my grocery bags but I made it too short on accident.  Now I think I’ll turn it into a collar for a shirt.

I want to start sewing.  I want to make a couple of dresses, one for me and one for Keek, then winter cloaks.  It should be easy enough to finish the dresses quick and the cloaks are for winter.  Around the house, mostly, like wearable blankets.  Velvet if we can afford it.  I think Fish would like one too, but at this point he thinks they are too girl-y.  😛

Bounty of a Hail Storm

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The hail storm broke new growth off all the trees in our yard, broke window screens, a car window and pock marked every surface available.  Luckily we didn’t lose any windows on the house and, even better, we get to harvest some new growth pine. 🙂 We’ve got about one grocery bag full.

Pine is high in vitamin C and an antiseptic. We can get at the pine goodies in a number of ways.  One way is by drinking the pine tea. It’s the easiest way to harness the pine’s health benefits.  Simply dry then chop the needles and pour boiling water over desired amount of leaf.  Steep 5 minutes and enjoy with some honey.

We are saving half of the larger needles for pine vinegar. Simple to make it only requires some heated apple cider vinegar, the pine needles, finely chopped, and a jar with a wax paper lid.  It does take six weeks to ripen. The pine vinegar the healthful benefits of vinegar and pine.

I aspire to take the other half of the larger pine needles and make a pine lozenges for sore throats and coughs.  It’s a little more complicated.  I’ve first got to boil the needles in minimal water.  Then strain the water; removing the needles. Measure the pine water volume and double it.  Add 4/5 that much sugar to the pot and the other 1/5 volume in honey: boil until it snaps. Pour onto wax paper lined counter and let cool.  Once that’s done snap off lozenges and store air tight in cabinet. The vitamin C, antiseptic qualities and honey will soothe the throat.  The pine scent will help clear the head and the spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

So there is a silver lining to the hail storm.  I just had to find it.

Homeschooling on weekends.

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I know it’s Sunday.  Most families in the school systems count the weekends as days off.  They deserve those days off.

School system families spend so much time apart from one another working under the control of some unknown, distant, superintendent clock watcher.  We, on the other hand, get to see lots of each other and can complete our work quickly with relatively few interruptions.  So school on the weekend is not a big deal. It’s not like we unplug our brains for two days.  Learning still happens whether we record it or not!

The kids have decided to have recorded school this weekend.  Which really amounts to doing some math and recording the reading they’d be doing anyway.  I think they made the decision, in part, because Dad is working this weekend.  No shift in his routine means no shift in the kids’ routine.  So we get two extra days of recorded school and “summer” comes that much sooner!


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By Keek

We killed another snake.  It’s body is now crawling with maggots.

eww   😦   eww

List of vacation spots in Oklahoma

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By Keek

1. Red Rock

2. Heyburn state park

3. Robbers cave

4. White water bay

5. Frontier city

6. Orr Family Farm

7. MbarT Ranch

8. Chief drive-in theater

9. Oklahoma city zoo

10. Science museum of Oklahoma

11. Gardner mansion and museum

12. 1889 territorial school house

13. Broken bow scuba service

14. Rocktown climbing gym

15. Historically haunted  tours of Oklahoma

16. Alabaster caverns state park

17. Laser expedition and great experience

18. Skydive Tulsa

19. Lakeway  marine and watersports

20. Skyway balloons inc.

21. Laser quest

22. Oklahoma adventure district

Oklahoma Tornado Damage 5-10-10

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Little Axe school’s administration building flattened by tornado. A school function was taking place and thankfully no one was injured.

The debris field is visible around the remains of the building.  The perimeter fence had been blown off the posts and laid on the grass littered with paper.

Further damage and debris is visible on the opposite side of the road.

More debris and structural damage in the right side of this shot.

A tree was twisted in half, here, right in front of the high school.