ATOS and Lexile Book ratings

“Well, this is just too cool.” Says the sometimes over eager homeschooling mom to her cuppa tea.

At the AR Bookfinder website you can enter a book title, author and/or ISBN# to get the ATOS grade level rating.  The grade level number, like 2.5 means during the fifth month of second grade the child should be able to complete said book.  Now, I don’t think the month number is relevant and even the grade should be taken loosely but it’s a general idea and that’s what I’m after. 

Not every book is listed, which is too bad.  If you can’t find it on the AR booklist look it up, here, in the Lexile framework database. When the results come up on Lexile you get a number, like 1050.  Take that number and find it, here on this comparison chart,(page 2) to see the ATOS grade level approximation.  Again, I’m after a general idea and this list is great!

Not all books are listed in the lexile database either, so if you know of another database with this kind of information… please leave a link in the comments!

An interesting tidbit, too… books are rated differently by each country.  In the US, HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone rated 5.5 and in the UK, HP and The Philosopher’s Stone rated 6.0.  Same book, different score.

Wery wery interesting, no?


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