planting… reading… cooking and stuff

Planted some watermelons today.  We hope to have them in the dog days of summer, late September.  The tomato’s are growing but we haven’t any new blooms.  😦  One has turned orange! We have one pepper and no blooms there either.  The hail really slowed the garden.

Reading “Island in the sea of time” by SM Stirling.  Harsh… We’re 2/3 of the way done.  The story is great and all but some of the details are stomach churning.

Keek got “the vegetarian teen” by Dr. Charles A. Salter, a cookbook from the library. She really enjoys it and we’ve got a couple of recipes to try.  Keek is an ethical vegetarian and we have decided to purchase all meats from Native Roots Market.  So she’ll be eating meat again.  🙂

Crocheted a bag strap for one of my grocery bags but I made it too short on accident.  Now I think I’ll turn it into a collar for a shirt.

I want to start sewing.  I want to make a couple of dresses, one for me and one for Keek, then winter cloaks.  It should be easy enough to finish the dresses quick and the cloaks are for winter.  Around the house, mostly, like wearable blankets.  Velvet if we can afford it.  I think Fish would like one too, but at this point he thinks they are too girl-y.  😛


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