And so ends the life of Jupiter.

Keek got Triops for her birthday about two months ago and today her beloved Jupiter followed his partner Athena into the afterlife.  They both will be dearly missed. Keek has written the following in memory of…

“Athena was grayish orange with two whiskers on one side and one on the other.  She was relaxed and calm for all her life.  She loved to play with Jupiter.  They would chase each other around the tank and dig side by side.  They would chew on the sticks in the tank together like two beavers busy at work.

Jupiter was big.  He dug almost non stop.  He loved to swim upside down just under the waters surface.  He’d do loopdy loops all around the tank and hardly ever sit still.  He had three whiskers on each side and was grayish green with an orange tint.

Now Athena and Jupiter are together again.  I love you and miss you. I will always remember you.”


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