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And so ends the life of Jupiter.

Posted in Homeschooling, kids on June 21, 2010 by Pendant & Ring

Keek got Triops for her birthday about two months ago and today her beloved Jupiter followed his partner Athena into the afterlife.  They both will be dearly missed. Keek has written the following in memory of…

“Athena was grayish orange with two whiskers on one side and one on the other.  She was relaxed and calm for all her life.  She loved to play with Jupiter.  They would chase each other around the tank and dig side by side.  They would chew on the sticks in the tank together like two beavers busy at work.

Jupiter was big.  He dug almost non stop.  He loved to swim upside down just under the waters surface.  He’d do loopdy loops all around the tank and hardly ever sit still.  He had three whiskers on each side and was grayish green with an orange tint.

Now Athena and Jupiter are together again.  I love you and miss you. I will always remember you.”


Homeschooling on weekends.

Posted in Homeschooling, kids with tags , on May 16, 2010 by Pendant & Ring

I know it’s Sunday.  Most families in the school systems count the weekends as days off.  They deserve those days off.

School system families spend so much time apart from one another working under the control of some unknown, distant, superintendent clock watcher.  We, on the other hand, get to see lots of each other and can complete our work quickly with relatively few interruptions.  So school on the weekend is not a big deal. It’s not like we unplug our brains for two days.  Learning still happens whether we record it or not!

The kids have decided to have recorded school this weekend.  Which really amounts to doing some math and recording the reading they’d be doing anyway.  I think they made the decision, in part, because Dad is working this weekend.  No shift in his routine means no shift in the kids’ routine.  So we get two extra days of recorded school and “summer” comes that much sooner!

ATOS and Lexile Book ratings

Posted in books, Homeschooling, kids, Uncategorized on May 7, 2010 by Pendant & Ring

“Well, this is just too cool.” Says the sometimes over eager homeschooling mom to her cuppa tea.

At the AR Bookfinder website you can enter a book title, author and/or ISBN# to get the ATOS grade level rating.  The grade level number, like 2.5 means during the fifth month of second grade the child should be able to complete said book.  Now, I don’t think the month number is relevant and even the grade should be taken loosely but it’s a general idea and that’s what I’m after. 

Not every book is listed, which is too bad.  If you can’t find it on the AR booklist look it up, here, in the Lexile framework database. When the results come up on Lexile you get a number, like 1050.  Take that number and find it, here on this comparison chart,(page 2) to see the ATOS grade level approximation.  Again, I’m after a general idea and this list is great!

Not all books are listed in the lexile database either, so if you know of another database with this kind of information… please leave a link in the comments!

An interesting tidbit, too… books are rated differently by each country.  In the US, HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone rated 5.5 and in the UK, HP and The Philosopher’s Stone rated 6.0.  Same book, different score.

Wery wery interesting, no?

Shrunken Heads (continued)

Posted in Art, entertainment, kids, useless knowledge with tags , , , on March 30, 2010 by Pendant & Ring


It didn’t work out like we had expected.  We had two that shrunk up and two that got all mushy.  lol.  We’ll try again as Halloween approaches.

Planting trees

Posted in gardening, Green, Homeschooling, kids with tags , , on March 29, 2010 by Pendant & Ring

Planting trees with the kids is one of the most eco green good example activities I can do.  As homeschoolers the planting and keeping of the trees teaches many important lessons.  As inhabitants of Earth we can ease the load of our carbon footprint.  And in a couple years it will make our honeybees very happy!

Today I received my ten free flowering trees from the National Arbor Day foundation.  I am now an unofficial arborist!  Yay!  The family and I planted the trees in staggered groups of two around the north and west sides of the house.  They are so very tiny.  Only a foot tall from root tip to branch top.  I do hope they thrive.

It was a mixed lot including two Sargent Crabapples,

two Eastern Redbuds,

two Goldenraintrees, 

two White Flowering Dogwoods

and two Washington Hawthorns. 

In four years I’ll have a nice floral tree garden.  🙂


Posted in kids with tags on March 13, 2010 by Pendant & Ring

After only one practice Fish had his first scrimmage.  He and his team did well and had a blast.  Our Coach is great!  The other coach was yelling and screaming at his players, one of whom shared Fish’ name.  It was confusing at first but by the second quarter our Fish had blocked the screaming coach out.  I’ve uploaded some pics to FB.  I’m glad we’re participating in soccer.  I am concerned about the four out of seven days we’ve committed too.  How long is the season again?  😛

Keek had one night of practice but no scrimmage.  The team they were scheduled against canceled.  Poor Keek. 😦  She did enjoy seeing her cousins and cheering Fish!

Shrunken Head Project

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Shrunken Heads. Big hits here after the Harry Potter shrunken bus driver head. Our shrunken heads were previously apples.  The photo below show two heads 24 hours after carving. They get delightfully hideous as days past.

We decided to wait on the lemon juice treatment until the coloring was natural. “Real” shriveled heads are not the same color as a juicy head after all!   When first carved they aren’t so gruesome.

After some time, as yet undecided, we’ll dunk them in lemon juice to halt the browning and insert cloves for eyes and cat gut (aka brown embroidery floss) sewn to the tops for hair.  All the sites I’ve checked say approx. two weeks drying time.  I’ll post pictures of the finished product then.

Read some history and pop history of the shrunken head, here.  Have fun but don’t lose your head!