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One last post

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Happy New Year!!! Well, not quite yet but we’re very close here in this part of the world. Christmas was a resounding sucess for all parties. We did miss the company of Great Aunt and Great Uncle and cousin from up North but know we’ll see them this summer!
We did have a white xmas and a BLIZZARD on Xmas eve to boot!
Tonight we are having a great kid party complete with, homemade 2010 posters, noise makers (not the kids, for the kids… lol), party hats, glow in the dark jewelry, coca cola for added energy and even sparkling grape juice for midnight toasts! The kids are thrilled, having a blast and the adults, well me at least, are getting tired. Oh no!
As closing I would like to share our new years feast with all of you. Well pictures, anyway.

Stuffed crust mushroom, spinach, olive alfredo pizza. Mmmmmm

Pan pans as unique as the kids that made them!

See how thick it is! We are all so so so full. 😦 It was delicious, every bite! 🙂

No roast beast for us… a pizza feast will do just fine! Homemade crust and grocery toppings sure helped to save a dime. So happy new years hope all is well. Let’s remember snow that fell. As the blue moon shines we’ll remember good times. So happy 2010 lets celebrate again!


That’s a wrap.

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It’s official, we are un enrolled! Kids are lighthearted and we can feel excitement crackling in the air. Maybe that’s the freezy breeze… lol I don’t know! But really we are all much happier already. I was expecting some teary goodbyes but they never happened. The smiles were ear to ear through every, “I’ll miss you!” Keek picked up a flurry of phone numbers and Fish passed out digits to a number of kids too. I imagine the phone lines will be busy this afternoon! Both kids were invited back to parties throughout the year. We’ll see!


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Taking the kids out of school is much less complicated than I thought it would be. It’s a single page form stating I wish to homeschool. That’s it. I’m so grateful!

Talked to the principal and explained why. It’s a lifestyle difference. The kids haven’t been learning and miss it. She understood. She said if she could’ve she would’ve homeschooled too. She said we would be greatly missed and the kids would be welcome to visit anytime.

Our first three day weekend.

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This going to school bit is not too bad.

Keek got 100% on her spelling tests… Yay! I can’t spell so she must’ve inherited that from her dad.  😛

She learned how to make an origami fortune cookie this week when she had a sub.  Evidently her teacher doesn’t allow them but all the girls have been…

“… Just dying to make them!  I learned from a girl in another fourth grade class.  She taught me at recess.  When the sub said we had free time I taught all the girls in my class and we all had so much fun!  I love substitutes!”

Fish is learning about econimics.  As the student of the day he gets to be in the front of the line, switch lights on and off and open the doors.  So when he was at the beginning of the recess line the boy behind him asked if he would trade hime places…  “He said he’d give me TEN DOLLARS!  But he only gave me two. ”

“Did you give him his money back?”

“No, I bought these with it!”  He said while beaming at me with new vampire teeth.

“Who did you buy them from?”  I asked.

“Hailey.  She said she’d give me my money back but I told her it was ok.  She got them out of the treasure box.”


“And I got her phone number too, it’s xxx-xxxx and she’s coming over this weekend.”


“Yea, we’re having a bar be que.”

“Oh, I didn’t know.”

“Yea, it’ll be fun!  Bye, mom!” and off he went to play.  So I guess he’s learning networking and pick up lines too?

Well, this pleasent Monday evening I am glad to report the kids are excited about going to school tomorrow.  They want to see friends and Keek wants to show off her new homework folder.  This is the second time in as many weeks that she has had some homework issue.  The first time it was her misunderstnding as to what, “due on Friday” meant.  She’s given weekly reading logs, weekly spelling practice wkst’s and four, one sided math wkst’s.  The first week she didn’t get all the spelling (I think it was) completed beacuse she thought it was just for fun.  “Due on Friday” somehow escaped her.  And on Wednesday of this past week she lost the whole homework folder on the bus.  I don’t know what her teacher will do about it but I suppose we’ll find out.  So now she’s got a pretty rose folder.  Hopefully too pretty to loose!  🙂

Friday night Fish came in from riding his bike with tears streaking his little dusty face.  I asked if he was hurt and he said no, he told me it wasn’t fair.

“What’s not fair?”

“At school everyone listens to me and all my friends do what I say.”

“They do?”

“Yes, it’s like I’m the King.”

Turns out dear sis wasn’t such a loyal subject, nor should she be.  All of a sudden I understood why Fish loves school so much.  🙂  After much consoling and smoothing of royal feathers he went back out to play with his princess sister and understood that if he was of royal lineage then she must be too.  Now when one is high and mighty the other refers to them as either, “King” or “Queen” and gender specific responces insue.  Either the “King” grunts and harumphs until he laughs or the “Queen” pounts, cross armed, until she laughs.  Pretty funny stuff.

Been busy out here at the new place.  Woring on staining the deck, making a path to the mailbox and general moving around of stuff.  Ch and I mowed and weed eated (ate?) yesterday and finished up today.  SO MUCH GRASS!  We were warned by the last lawn slave but didn’t take him as seriously as perhaps we should’ve.  Painted a rug on the linolium laundry room floor… maybe one day I’ll take a pic.  Still have to seal it so laundry is done carefully for a while.  Painted the mailbox too, lovely large black swirls cover it, looking like iron scrolling, with holly and ivy on the door and a rooted tree on the back.  Sealed with three coats of spray poly… should do the trick!

No luck on the van as of yet but soon, I hope!  Can’t wait for the cooling of fall and the onset of firewood and sweeping season.  Have been doing more advertizing but with little luck.  Bid a job but didn’t get it.  Ho hum fall will come.

Still the same on the job front for me… empty promises of, “you’re on the top of the list” and “as soon as I have an opening.”  We did sell the other house though, on payments.  Our buyer is a seemingly reliable, retired, adoptive single mom.  Hope all goes well with her.

Enough of this… I’m off to have some decaf tea.  Ahhhh, herbal refreshment! 😛

More Reading and boring math worksheets!

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As the fist cold of the season (and hopefully the last) holds us captive in the house we have all been reading… a lot!!! In addition to math wkst’s and “The Giant Book of Cool Stuff” Keek has delved into more arts and crafts.


Fish is working on linear addition and subtraction as opposed to vertical and visiting favorite old books all on his own.  We cleared a shelf in the living room for some of the kids books.  It has really increased their reading.  I am still pleasantly surprised!

I’ve been reading too, but nothing of childhood educational interest! 🙂  Ohhhhh, I can’t wait until we feel better.  blehhhhh…

Until then I don’t think I’ll blog.  We don’t expect to be under the weather for more than a week but you know how that goes.  Fish has been teatering on the edge of an asthma attack and even Keek has been heezy wheezy a couple of nights.  We’ve been eating lots of soup and drinking lots of hot chocolate plus a daily dose of lemon tea.  Hopefully it’ll do the trick!  Fish is looking better four days after the initial onset.  Keek is a day behind him, I’m a day behind her and DH is a day behind me.  So in three or four more days we should all be back on top of things!  Until then… TTFN!

Two more weeks of School…almost

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Wow!  Halloween has taken hold, and how!

We’ve been working on our math daily, and I have seen marked improvement with Keeker.  Occasionally she hits a brick wall but she can usually find her way around it without too much trouble.  We got her an additional workbook called, “Multiplication Made Easy.”  She does 2 pages a day for now.  Once they get past the easy ones we’ll probably slow back down to a page a day.  She’s plugging away and staying relatively motivated.

Fish is back in Story Problem mode.  I switched him because the words didn’t match the pictures.  His reading wasn’t going to be able to pick up the slack quite yet.  Now his reading has improved so we switched back.  But it was like I was playing a cruel joke or something.  He skimmed the word problems for key words like, “all together” or “left” and decided to add or subtract the numbers based on those words alone.  Well, it turns out the pictures didn’t give him the right numbers to add and subtract.  Just because the picture was of three hats and two scarves didn’t mean he was too subtract one from the other.  The question was:

There are seven scarves and four hats in the closet.  How many more scarves are in the closet than hats?

Because of the picture presented and the word “more” in the word problem Fish answered 3 + 2 = 5.  Yes his arithmetic was correct but the problem was all wrong!  It took us a couple of days to get past that hurdle but I think it’ll really improve his reading comprehension.

Keek has been re-reading her fairy tales and looking for others online.  I think she’s ready for the rainbow of fairy tale books in the “grown up” section of the library.  Thing is we don’t have those classics at our library.  Grrr… we’ll have to make a trip to the big town for that!  Fish has been avoiding reading all together.  I can’t say that I blame him… I wasn’t a reader as a child either.  He likes to be read to so I guess I’ll just back off and give him some more time to come to it on his own.  I am comfortable in his ability to read enough to get by.  If he were of age I’m sure he could fill out a job app and probably even vote.  He just doesn’t like to read! At six I give the kids there email addresses but Fish has no interest.  He said, “Eh, I’ll just call somebody if I want to talk to them.”  Shocker!

The kids have both been active on; which has cool new Halloween decorum by the way. Fish just got a Webkinz!  YAY!  He loves it, of course and has been even more of a computer junkie lately!  Keeker has been playing around at again and really enjoys the “did you know?” section.

We finally finished decorating the house, it was spooktacular!  Fish helped Dad lay tiles in the back area and Keek helped with more spooky spiderwebs festooning the living room.  The costumes were ready and the invites were out.  The Big Birthday Bash was looming large on the calender and excitement sizzled in the air!

The night before the party a whole group of us went downtown to our little village celebration where Dh and I won the costume contest.  The kids got plenty of candy and the grown ups got plenty of pictures.  Talk about fun!

When the big day arrived we could hardly contain ourselves!  The party started at just the right time and lasted much longer than was anticipated… but with wonderful results!  The food everyone brought was delicious.  The cousins came over and all kids had a blast!  The presents were all big hits.  Fish plays with the awesome shotgun and kooky alien creating machine every day!  They’ve watched Scooby Doo 2 I don’t know how many times and *ahem* Fish’s aim with the bow and arrow set has greatly improved. teeheehee

Another Week of School!

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More reading!  More math!  More learning!  We had a busy week.  We went to visit our ‘long lost’ friends and really enjoyed their company on Friday.  Had a blast, as usual. Went to the eye Dr. and even went camping!

Keek has been reading scary spooky Halloween stories to fish all week.  So far they’ve finished one (Spooky America by Lori Haskins) and started another (Ghost Town by Joan Lowery Nixon).  It’s the Halloween spirit… bites us all!

Keek has also been reading the American Girl series.  At the moment she’s quite taken with Felicity, a girl from 1774.

The books include art projects at the end.  Keek has made a pair of Lorgnettes now and loves to look through them when she plays dress up! She’s also been playing more with her math flash cards and is progressing steadily.

Fish is reading daily but doesn’t look forward to it.  I think we’ll try the, “Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.” book again.  He was so opposed to it last time we tried… but now I think he’ll find it much easier.  He checked out two Dr. Seuss books from the library and a Naruto comic book.  He was tickled with the reverse fomat and enjoyed starting, ‘in the end!’  He had been using addition flash cards when Keek uses her multiplication set.  He enjoys doing the same kind of work as she is.  I suppose it makes him feel like a bigger boy.

We’ve picked up interest in health and the food pyramid… especially caloric consumption.  Keek read the book, “The Monster Health Book” by Edward Miller and was shocked that she and Fish should be consuming about the same calories daily, being that she is, “so much,” older than him.  Her questions led to an explanation of metabolic rate.  Which made Fishee’s day because men (and boys) typically have a faster rate than women (and girls).  We three also discussed bone and muscle density which led to evolution and early human life.  With a discussion of gender roles both then and now.  What wonderful connections they make!