The Fish Tank

Hi everybody my name is Fish.  I like to tell jokes so you might be seeing more posts here about jokes than anything else.

Want to hear a construction joke?

Sorry, I’m still working on it!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Cause it was the elephants day off.

Where does a pig go when it gets hurt?

The Hambulance!!!


3 Responses to “The Fish Tank”

  1. hi folks! i have a new joke.
    knock knock
    who’s there
    watermelon who
    watermelons doing growing on your house

  2. I found this cool new website. It’s

    It’s about cultures. It has all different cool facts about stuff like the ancient Americans food groups. I want you to go there and go to ancient Americas. It covered Egyptian, Greece, Rome, Africa and Near East, too. It’s cool. That’s all Folks!

  3. I got this new book for Christmas. It’s called, “The Great Big Book of Snakes and Reptiles” by Barbara Taylor and Mark O’Shea. On page 139 There is a type of lizard that is almost invisible on a type of rock. It’s called a Indo-Malay water monitor. It looks really cool. It lives in Africa and Asia and Australia. Here is a picture of one.

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